FETAGRO seals partnership with the International Amazon Cooperation Agency

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FETAGRO seals partnership with the International Amazon Cooperation Agency

FETAGRO seals partnership with the International Amazon Cooperation Agency

FETAGRO, supported by the understanding that the International Amazon Cooperation Agency (AICA) is an innovative cooperation concept, aimed at improving management and territorial planning in the Amazon through actions between national and international actors concerned with climate change, development of agriculture and its multiple relations with the conservation of tropical forests, signed the Term of Adherence to AICA, on the day (07/26), in an act carried out at the Center of Farmer Training, in Ji-Paraná.

Linked to the Program Coordination of the Rio Terra Study Center (CES Rio Terra), the Agency acts as an articulator and facilitator of initiatives that conciliate interests and integrates actions for the development of agriculture and conservation of the Amazon, seeking to expand the scale and efficiency in these processes; promote actions that result in social, economic and environmental improvement, generating business, work and income opportunities associated with the conservation and development of agriculture; contributes to the formulation and implementation of public policies and socioeconomic instruments that favor management practices and territorial planning; and develops awareness and sensitization of society about the need for conservation of the Amazon and how this can be achieved from sustainable forms of land use and occupation.

For this, AICA counts on the participation of entities that work with the most different segments existing in the Amazonian space such as extractivists, indigenous, riverine, family farmers, conservationist entities where they act in an articulated manner and in synergy for social, economic and environmental development. .

“Joining AICA is supporting the strengthening of hundreds of entities working to improve aspects of forest conservation and greater social justice in the Amazon,” said Rio Terra program coordinator Alexis Bastos, thanking us for the partnership with FETAGRO.

The president of FETAGRO, Fábio Menezes, said that joining AICA was an acceptance of the entire Movement of Rural Workers Union with the understanding that “composing this important agency we will be able to take the demands of the state, submit projects directly to the financing entities and meet challenges such as the organization of production, the recovery of degraded areas, the use of new technologies and, above all, the social organization and the strengthening of associations and unions, through these future projects forwarded by AICA ”.

“Another important reason for joining the agency is the possibility of strengthening institutional partnerships here in Rondônia, through Rio Terra, Ecoporé and other institutions that work for family farming.”


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