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Founded by the Amazon NGO Rioterra Studies Center (http://rioterra.org.br/en), AICA consolidates a net of partners with  longtime experience in the Amazon. The objective is having a meaningful and extended preservation work in Southwest Amazon.

Those partners are: SOS Amazônia, OPA, Aberjur, Fetagro e Cinemanosso. 

AICA is headquartered in the Amazon (Porto Velho, Brazil) and has also a representation in Berlin, Germany.


AICA promotes biodiversity conservation in four Brazilian states in the Amazon (Rondônia, Acre, Amazonas, and Mato Grosso), covering 98 Indigenous lands and 91 conservation units (protected reserves) totaling an area of more than 290,000 km2.

Our organizations have extensive experience over two decades working directly with the local and traditional populations of the Amazon. We put in place very ambitious projects that support communities to restore forests and degraded land, and in doing so, we promote a sustainable economic development and increase food security in those communities.


By joining AICA or supporting its actions, you will be contributing to the strengthening of hundreds of entities that work with Indigenous peoples, rubber tappers and family farmers. You will help to improve social justice and the conservation of the Amazon rain forest. 

As we work for the conservation of the forest, we contribute to its key role in the planet to help stabilizing the climate, contribute to a healthy water cycle, and provide water and clean air.

In doing so, we help mitigate the climate change and its impacts, promote the sustainable development of the region and the rights of its populations.

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